Hopefully we can answer any questions you might have here.

Q: It appears I can’t find the HOUND RADIO app on Google Play. What gives?

A: We’ve had some security issues with the app on that platform and are working with the app team to correct the issue.


Q: I’d like to join the all-volunteer HOUND RADIO team. Is that possible?

A: You bet. We’re looking for folks with graphic art/Photoshop skills, PLUS someone to help out with social media. Contact Loo. loo@houndradio.com


Q: I’m a Mac user and when I click “LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE” at the top right on your home page, the audio player pops up, but I don’t hear any audio. What gives?

A: Sadly, Apple doesn’t support this audio stream. Make sure to go to the Apple App Store and download our FREE mobile app. In the meantime, we’ll keep bugging Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to get it fixed. 🙂