A Prize Pack from Amazon Prime Video’s New Reality Series The Pack

It comes with a collapsible traveling dog bowl and doggie bag dispenser.

Drool School

Hound Radio DROOL SCHOOL is always in session, and ready to reward your listening habits with free Starbuck Coffee. We’re loaded up with stacks of Starbucks gift cards, just ready to slide into your wallet. Winning is so easy. Just enroll, and you’ll be eligible. If you’re a “graduate”, you’ll receive an official Hound Radio DROOL SCHOOL diploma, too. It’s the easiest course you’ll ever take. All you need is the internet, and a pair of floppy ears with AirPods in ‘em. Good luck.

Bethesda Bagels

ONCE WE’RE PAST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, WE’LL GET BACK TO OFFERING A FREE BAGEL BRUNCH FOR YOUR OFFICE OR WORKPLACE. HOUND RADIO’s Loo Katz would love to come by with delicious goodies from Bethesda Bagels. He’ll even bring dessert!

    THE PACK Doggy Prize Pack from Amazon Prime Video's New Series THE PACKDrool School/Starbucks